Chirurgische Instrumente Medizintechnik




Instrumentos quirúrgicos

Eye specula, lid retractors

Blades, sterile blades, handles, knives (also for phaco and IOL)

Curettes, spatulas, foreign-body-instruments

Lens manipulators, nucleus-instruments


Measuring & marking instruments:
Calipers, markers, fixation rings, degree gauge for astigmatism, keratometers

Cannulas & probes:
Lacrymal cannulas, Bowman-probes, probes, air injection cannulas, douches, irrigating vectus cannulas, aspiration and irrigating cannulas

Needle holders:
Needle holders, needle holders (tungsten carbide inserts and goldplated rings), razor-blade-holders

Eye scissors, suture scissors, strabismus scissors, tenotomy scissors
Westcott-scissors, Vannas-scissors, capsulotomy scissors, iridektomy scissors, corneal scissors, micro scissors, scissors with tungsten carbide inserts and goldplated rings, enucleation scissors

Adson-forceps, dressing & tissue forceps for eye
iris forceps
Capsular forceps, implant forceps
McPherson forceps, Colibri-forceps, suture forceps
fixation forceps Graefe
Muscular forceps
foreign body forceps, cilia forceps
chalazion forceps
forceps (thumb and tissue)
Jeweller forceps

Hemostats & clamps:
Dieffenbach, Hartmann, Halsted-Mosquito, towel clamps

Retractors, hooks

Punches, currettes, sharp spoons

General instruments

Micro instruments

Vitrectomy instruments

Piezas de mano de irrigación y aspiración (bimanual, monomanual)

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